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Press Releases

Summer 2013

  • Semi-con industry moves to 450mm wafer
  • Five Steps to Validating the Cleaning process of Medical Devices
  • US Environmental Regulators plan to further phase out HCFC solvents
  • A More indepth look at cleaning validation handbook
  • Ultrasonic Wattage Calculator
  • Check your Trich or Perc before problems strike

Autumn 2012

  • It’s here – The Layton five year warranty for cleaning systems
  • HCFC 225 cleaning restrictions updated
  • BAE Submarines pipe cleaning
  • See layton at the Aero Engineering Show 2012
  • Essential Bedtime reading – PF Online
  • Guide to protecting stainless steel parts by cleaning and passivation
  • Read how industrial cleaning has gone from ‘wet & wipe’ application to a valued and demanding process operation.

Summer 2012

  • Omegasaonics team up with Layton Technologies
  • New Aqueous spray and tunnel washer range
  • Astute business sense – Brand new layton cleaning system saves time and money
  • Prevision cleaning for nuclear industry contract
  • Cleaning tips and ideas – the cleaning handbook PDF
  • Ultrasonic wattage calculator
  • MACH 2012 engineering show

Spring 2012

  • Taking the risks out of Solvent Vapour drying
  • Simple tests to check your ultrasonics
  • Win a USB hub
  • Did you get to an industry show this year?
  • MACH 2012 Layton
  • Service and support from expert engineers

Summer 2011

  • Win your own copy of Criticial cleaning handbook
  • Touch down at the Layton booth at Aerocon chicago 2011
  • Precision point – helping improve efficiencies
  • Investing in component cleaning with confidence An article for Industrial Pland & Equipment Magazine July issue.

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