Layton Technologies – Overview

Engineering for precision cleaning

Layton Technologies Ltd is an international leader in the design and manufacture of machines for the cleaning, drying, surface treatment and material recovery for precision cleaning applications.

Our machines are used in every area of manufacturing for both semi-finished and finished products and their component parts.

We are recognised world-wide for our capabilities in the more challenging and technically demanding areas of precision cleaning and drying.

We design and build every type of machine, using both aqueous and a wide range of solvent cleaning chemistries. And where a specialised cleaning process is required, we offer complete bespoke machines with full project management from start to finish.

Our resources include full engineering design and specification service to ensure customer specification is clearly met. A designated project co-ordinator is assigned to each new customer project to ensure that all stages of design, production, testing, acceptance, installation, commissioning and operator training is completed according to agreed schedules.

On-going support is provided by trained engineers and technical staff who can provide a range of services including planned maintenance packages, first-response and on-site technical assistance.

Now supported through international partners and agents, Layton systems are available on an international basis. A large and growing installation base of Layton equipment exists in many locations where Layton has well establish supply and support bases.

Technical Capability

We have led advances in machine design for the safe use of developmental chemistries including flammable and non-flammable solvents. Specialising in these more demanding projects our machines have involved a close collaboration with multinational chemical manufacturers and end-user customers.

We draw upon the wealth of technical expertise of our staff, in many engineering and manufacturing fields, including design engineers, process control specialists and software programming technicians. Collectively we have one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Layton Technologies is especially experienced in the development of machines to meet specific standards and regulations. These include assessing environmental impact, risk management/assessment, FDA / Eudraelex-EU approval and ATEX rating. Many validated tests and procedures are required by specific industries and applications and Layton has familiarity with these aspects of component cleaning.

A strong technical base has made us leading world suppliers of new technology. Layton is constantly involved in developmental areas of cleaning technologies. We designed and built the first low emission HFE systems in Europe. Layton supplied the first HFE co-solvent systems to a major European defence systems company. Specialised ultrasonic aqueous systems have been developed and manufactured for precision components in industries such as healthcare products, surgical implant, optical lens and pharmaceutical products plus a wide range of precision engineering manufacturers including aerospace, automotive and general engineering.

Manufacturing and Development Capacity

Layton is an ISO 9001 and 14001 registered, quality assured company. Based in new manufacturing and product development facilities, we build all of our aqueous, specialised solvent and bespoke equipment at this location.

This gives us maximum control of quality and project management.

No Layton product is off-the-shelf, but always specifically configured to meet particular customer needs. Each system is based upon a standard engineering platform that uses proven technologies and standardised components. We have all the essential skills and experience to design and produce the most complex or the most simple cleaning and surface treatment system.

We provide a trials and evaluation service from our in-house testing and product demonstration facility, where systems can be witnessed in operation and cleaning processes satisfactorily assessed. Where chemistry selection is required we also provide full trials and evaluation on behalf of customers.

  • ISO 9001 quality assured
  • Total project management
  • In-house engineering, design and manufacturing
  • Complete product demonstration facilities
  • Cleaning chemistry evaluation
  • Documentation support
  • Product traceability and tracking systems
  • IT integration
  • Validation to customer requirements
  • Commissioning and operator training
  • Complete on-site service and support
  • Service and spares

The widest product choice

No company offers the same choice of cleaning and surface treatment technologies as Layton. Our expertise covers every option and in many cases, where the cleaning process is unique, a bespoke solution can be developed.

Layton has the experience and capability as a problem solver to design and build exclusively-designed systems to meet any cleaning challenge - from large engineering projects to small-scale, intricate applications.

In many industries where conformance to cleaning process standards requires complex documentation and complete traceability, Layton can offer a full documentation service and appropriate recording facilities.

Typical Systems

  • Solvent cleaning systems
  • - Sealed systems for HFC, HFA, and other specialised solvents
  • - Flammable cleaning solvent systems with full safety specification
  • - Hermetically systems for chlorinated and hydrocarbon solvents
  • Aqueous cleaning systems
  • - Multistage ultrasonic cleaning, surface treatment and drying
  • - Single tank ultrasonic cleaners
  • - Spray wash systems
  • Surface treatment processes
  • Vapour dryers and solvent surface treatment
  • Wet-bench etching systems
  • Hospital instrument disinfecting and cleaning processes
  • Aluminium die stripping processes

Layton offers a complete service to solve any component cleaning application across a wide range of industries.


Our aim is to be more than an equipment supplier. We are dedicated to the provision of total support to our customers. Working with you we aim to ensure that your processes run efficiently and productively.

With a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule we have reduced downtime for many customers by up to 70%. As a result there is typically a reduction on overall operational costs in the region of 5%.

A successfully integrated preventative maintenance schedule for a cleaning system from Layton can increase throughput, safety and efficiency resulting in reduced costs and increased production.

Layton service and support personnel have over 20 years field experience with this equipments and they also have access to a full range of spare parts to keep your machine functioning correctly. Approximately 30% of Layton’s customer base are long term users having purchased equipment and received ongoing support over the last 20 years.