Layton Technologies – The only systems with a 5 year warranty

Layton Technologies - The only systems with a 5 year warranty

System Warranty

A standard full parts and labour warranty is given on the equipment for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of commissioning on site by our engineer but not greater than thirteen (13) months after shipment.

An extended full parts and labour warranty is offered on the equipment for a period of sixty (60) months from the date of commissioning on site by our engineer but not greater than sixty-one (61) months after shipment.

All Warranties are provided on the understanding that in the event of a fault with the equipment, due to workmanship or failure of a component part (which is not a Consumable Item as defined below), the item will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Layton, provided the damage or fault has not been caused by misuse.

Warranties do not include Consumable Items such as filters, seals, chemistry etc. Consumable Items are defined as items which would need to be replaced as part of any routine or preventative maintenance procedure.

Warranties exclude any external services to and from ancillary equipment. This includes cabling, pipework, air lines etc. which may be subjected to external forces or are outside the control of Layton Technologies.

The warranty will remain in force for the stated period provided always that any system which includes the extended warranty is serviced at regular intervals as part of a separate Preventative Maintenance Service agreement (PMS). All PMS functions under any PMS agreement must be performed by Layton Technologies or persons or organisations authorised by Layton Technologies. Services under any PMS agreement must be carried out at intervals of a minimum of once per year or more for the full term of the extended warranty, as designated by Layton for each individual system.

Warranties will not apply if any fault has been caused by a failure of the customer to carry out routine maintenance, in addition to any PMS carried out by Layton as part of the extended warranty, or the customer fails to ensure that the required services are maintained.

Warranty support will be withdrawn in the event that any legitimate invoice remains unpaid by the customer after the agreed period of credit allowed by Layton.

Layton will accept no liability for any loss of production or business interruption resulting from any system failure whether or not any such failure is covered by any Layton Warranty.

Warranties are not transferrable to other users in the event of equipment being sold or otherwise transferred to third party users. Warranties will become void in the event of the equipment being moved in any way from any location where the system was originally commissioned by Layton unless Layton are notified in writing prior to any such move.

Response Criteria and Responsibilities

Layton will provide warranty and service support on the following basis:-

Layton operates a strict reporting procedure in accordance with ISO9001. All issues, whether or not covered by warranty should be reported, in the first instance via email to

Telephone consultation and technical support will be provided between 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding UK bank and public holidays). This will be provided within two hours from receipt of a written email request from the customer in accordance with Layton Service Protocol, a copy of which is available on request.

Telephone support will be provided on the understanding that the customer must provide Layton with sufficient information to enable Layton to assist in resolving any issues as professionally and efficiently as the customer would require and expect. Layton will expect full diagnostic information to be provided as requested, this may include, but is not limited to, PLC input / output signal information, equipment parts identity, PLC and HMI screen information. Layton may also request access to the system modem (if fitted) to allow on line fault finding. Layton will also expect the customer to identify faults due to operational facilities provided by the customer, i.e. electrical, air, water, refrigeration supplies etc.

If the reported issue cannot be resolved following telephone consultation, or if the reported issue requires further investigation by a member of Layton’s staff, Layton will provide an engineer on-site the next available working day.

In the event of a call out and visit which determines that any of the above stated issues could have been identified by the customer or that the reported fault could have been rectified, within reason, by the customer, a minimum of two days labour, travel and subsistence will be recharged to the customer.

If the problem, as defined, requires parts an engineer will not be sent prior to Layton obtaining the parts necessary to complete the service support visit in a professional manner. Layton will endeavour to use all means available to expedite any part required which is not held in normal inventory at Layton at the time of the service call out.

In all instances of on-site visits, travel and subsistence costs will be charged back to the customer at cost.

Layton will endeavour to maintain an on-site response time within 48 hours of first report, subject to travel restrictions, flight availability and availability of parts etc. Hours apply to working days only.

In the event of a call out, Layton engineers will attend site between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday only. Where possible and practical, support will also be provided outside of these hours.