Vapor Dryer

IPA Vapor Dryer

Single stage IPA solvent vapor component drying machine for critical applications – link to the Vapor Dryer whitepaper.

Vapor Dryer Machine  showing the following:- 	Does not require Class 1 Div 1 area – can operate in standard production environment.  	Marangoni alternative  	Water displacement technology.  	PLC controlled for process flexibility and ease of use.  	Vapor zone  	Freeboard area  	Easy to maintain.  	Replicate existing validated process  	Fire protection and suppression systems.  	Flammable vapor detection and handling facilities.  	Solvent handling to facilitate the safe filling and draining of the process fluids.  	Solvent re-processing system.   	Internal automated product handling.  	Exhausted environmental enclosure.  	Primary cooling coils.   	Sealed sliding tank lid.  	Manufactured entirely from stainless steel.  	All wetted parts are pickled passivated and electro polished.  	Future proofed design with  a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty  	CE / ATEX or UL approval as standard