Multi-Stage Aqueous Machine

Multi-Stage Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Infinitely variable equipment for precision component cleaning, degreasing, passivation and drying applications.
Multi-stage ultrasonic aqueous cleaning equipment that includes the following features :- •	Fully automated and manual options available.  •	All stainless steel construction – traceability certification available.  •	Pickled, passivated and electro-polished to extend operational life. •	Heated tank utilising direct contact tube heaters for energy efficiency and longevity.  •	Thermostatically controlled.  •	Bolt-in removeable ultrasonic transducers ensure minimal downtime and extend tank life.  •	Multi-frequency ultrasonic transducers.  All ultrasonics use sweep frequency technology.    •	Separate ultrasonic generator.  •	Particulate filtration of process tanks ensures highest level of component cleanliness  •	Filter micron size to client specification – sub micron available.  •	Automated processing controlled using PLC ladder logic and an HMI touchscreen.  •	Fully bunded - all pipework remains inside the plan area of the bunded tray  •	Insulated frame to maintain heat and optimal energy efficiency.  •	State of the art design configuration and sophisticated control ensure consistent cleaning results, maximum flexibility of process and low running costs.  •	All controls use the latest technology and all parts used are available from major manufacturers.  •	Controls are routed through the PLC ensuring maximum flexibility and control of process.  •	Forced warm air drying with HEPA filtration  •	Vacuum drying available.  •	Automatic drain, fill & lids available.  •	Detergent monitoring and dosing available.  •	Modem fitted for remote diagnostics  •	All equipment is designed, manufactured, fully assembled, programmed and tested in the UK  •	Operates from standard mains voltage.  •	CE Certified – UL approval also available.  •	A comprehensive manual is supplied with each system which includes operation and maintenance instructions, recommended spares, PLC ladder and touchscreen programs, schematic circuit diagrams of fluid flow and electrical circuits.


Multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning and passivation system.