Low-flashpoint solvent machine

Low Flashpoint Solvent Machine

For precision component cleaning applications particularly validated processes.

Low-flashpoint solvent machine showing the following:-Designed to safely use all low-flashpoint solvent cleaning media including IPA, Cyclohexane & Acetone.  -Does not require Class 1 Div 1 area – can operate in standard production environment.  -All machines manufactured in UK.  -All stainless steel construction – traceability certification available.  -Specialised fabrication available if required.  -Pickled, passivated and electro polished to extend operational life.  -Heated tanks have direct contact tube heaters for energy efficiency and longevity.  -Drop-in ultrasonic transducers and heaters ensure minimal downtime and extend tank life.  -Multi-frequency ultrasonic transducers. All ultrasonics used sweep frequency technology.  -On board distillation ensures clean solvent continuously  -Small footprint designed for clean room applications  -Easy to use – minimal operator training required  -Future proofed design with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty  -CE or UL approval as standard  -Atex approved


Demonstration of IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) Cleaning and Drying System