From Back of a Napkin to Unique Cleaning & Drying System

Titanium sheets - Unique Cleaning & Drying System

March 2015 - Layton Technologies Press Release

When an unusual request for a cleaning machine was received by the technical team at Layton Technologies from an aerospace component manufacturer, their expertise in precision cleaning applications and flexibility rapidly turned a basic hand drawn design concept into a fully functioning cleaning and drying system.

The task was to design a system which was able to ultrasonically clean, rinse and dry thin sheets of titanium which varied in size up to 6 metres long and 1.5 metres wide. The sheet had multiple profiled holes, 50 microns in diameter which were cut with a unique and patented laser sintering technique. After cutting, the holes contained sanding debris, titanium particles and paste.

It was anticipated that the sheets would be delivered to the machine from a coil. These sheets of titanium were extremely valuable in terms of saleable product – but only if they were cleaned to the customer’s specification.

Layton produced a detailed design for a machine consisting of a chamber with an aqueous wash with ultrasonic agitation, a spray rinse and a dual air knife drying system. The design allowed the sheet to be loaded by means of a roller and exit the system onto a second roller.

The time through the process is such as to give the sheet a dwell time of 10 minutes in the ultrasonics. This means that a 6 metre sheet only takes approximately 1 hour to process completely. The sheets are inspected visually under a microscope for cleanliness on completion.

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About the company: Staffordshire-based Layton Technologies Limited is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of precision cleaning equipment for the medical, aerospace and specialist engineering industries.  The company is located in the heart of England, with easy access to main transport networks via road, rail and air.