Electronics – Future-proofing your products


As a Business Unit Manager or part of a Business Unit Team in the electronics industry you will know that the cost and risk to your business of an unreliable product are inestimable and that the precise and consistent removal of electronic manufacturing, residues, flux and particulates prior to conformal coating, assembly or packaging is directly proportional to product reliability.

The rapidly developing sector of contract electronics manufacture (CEM) creates ever increasing demands on your ability to keep pace with production techniques and component traceability. To continue to produce reliable electronic assemblies will rely very heavily on a final traceable cleaning and drying process which does not need to change when your production techniques or products do.

Whether you are cleaning and drying the latest Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Hybrid Circuits, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components or sensors, switches, micro-switches, resistors, or capacitors your challenge to produce reliable assemblies remain the same.

To formalise and future proof your traceable electronics cleaning and drying process will require a knowledge and full understanding of the many and varied techniques involved and the wrong choice can have potentially disastrous consequences on future reliability.


To improve and maintain your product reliability through clear, concise and traceable processes which are environmentally compliant, cost effective, repeatable, reliable and future proof.


Through partnership and in-depth consultation with you, including planning, testing and review, the team from Layton will provide our in depth knowledge of electronic cleaning and drying processes in your market sector to develop a tailored machine to meet any changes in your production needs and exceed your expectations – no matter how big or how small..

At Layton, we don’t just sell machines we remove risks.

Recent projects include

  • Spray and vapour cleaning machine using IPA and Cyclohexane for hybrid circuits
  • Spray, vapour, immersion cleaning machine using IPA and Cyclohexane with ultrasonics for printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • Spray, vapour, immersion cleaning machine using HFE with ultrasonic agitation for surface mount technology (SMT) and Hybrid circuits for communication
  • IPA vapour dryer for sensors, switches, micro switches, resistors, capacitors for the Opto electronic sector.


Layton Technologies, the specialist component cleaning equipment manufacturer, has developed an electronics precision cleaning and drying process for the effective removal of flux and associated contamination from printed circuit boards, reliable assemblies and components.

Based on the application of the latest high solvency cleaning chemistries for removing residues from PCBs produced using “No-clean” and “No-lead fluxes”, Layton have worked closely with various chemical companies and their new generation of highly effective defluxing solvents to provide a complete board cleaning process.

Layton developed the cleaning systems to provide a more effective solution for contract electronics manufacturers (CEM) of high value electronics components including printed circuit boards (PCB), Hybrid circuits, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components or sensors, switches, micro-switches, resistors, or capacitors destined for critical applications where cleanliness standards, traceability and validation are paramount.

The Layton Bluestone FRS system is a fully automated and enclosed system which offers the highest level of solvent containment is efficient, fast and gives controlled cleaning and drying with high standards of operator safety and environmental acceptance.

Overall the Bluestone package provides a much faster process than many conventional cleaning methods, with significant cost savings on solvent use and superior ionic cleanliness results.

Layton have a full demonstration and testing facility at their North Staffordshire manufacturing base and offer a complete cleaning trails and evaluation service for companies who wish to test the new cleaning process on their products and to view the equipment to establish its advantages and suitability.

Layton provides a range of cleaning technologies for contract electronics manufacture (CEM), semi-conductor and precision components industries. These technologies include PCB cleaners for SMT and through hole technologies using a range of solvents, flammable solvent cleaners, wet-benches, vapour driers and aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systems.