Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

A large manufacturer of NATO Certified small arms ammunition with its’ own firing range on-site, where batches of ammunition are periodically test-fired from a variety of different weapons, had an aging gun cleaning machine which required replacement.

All of the guns (weapons) used on site require cleaning following firing and this is now performed in an efficient and environmentally astute way using a new Layton ultrasonic cleaner.

The machine was designed and built to provide the optimum ultrasonic cleaning efficiency in the tank coupled with safe and economic heating of the cleaning chemistry. The tank is insulated and fitted with a lid to reduce energy consumption due to heating losses.

Extraction slots fitted to the top of the machine ensure any fumes and excess steam are directed away from the operator to ensure a comfortable working environment.

In addition the machine contains a filtration circuit which removes particulate contamination from the cleaning fluid to prolong its life.  This filtration circuit also couples as an automatic drain which enables the waste to be pumped away from the immediate area ensuring a much more environmentally and user friendly system.