Precision ultrasonic cleaning for the Military – Using flammable solvent in harsh climates

A world-renowned manufacturer of military aircraft required cleaning equipment for overhauling components during routine maintenance.

Military aircraft users have specialist requirements in that they need to carry out precision cleaning using flammable solvents together with ultrasonic agitation and heat soaking of various components during scheduled servicing. This servicing needs to take place at various worldwide locations including some extremely harsh climates.
The preferred batch cleaning system needed to be able to utilise a flammable solvent in a controlled manner and cope with the harsh climates. The systems needed to be robust, easily maintainable and have an extended warranty.
As they would be operating in countries with hot climates there was a necessity to have the fluid chilled, to maintain the temperature below the flash point, using cooling coils. A safety cut-out was in use continually should the fluid or ambient temperature rise above 40 deg C.
Having spent some considerable time selecting suitable vendors, they nominated Layton Technologies as their vendor of choice. The 3-stage in-line system designed and manufactured by Layton was well able to meet all the specialist criteria.
The system included chilled plates and an external chiller unit to ensure that the temperature requirements were always observed.
The tanks were heavily insulated to make sure that the temperatures remained at the required level with minimal power consumption. In addition, each tank had in-line particle filtration and ultrasonic agitation to provide excellent and repeatable cleaning of the components. Two of the tanks were heated to 85 deg C and in combination with the flammable fluid tank could remove limescale and carbon from the parts. Fluid level detectors were included in all tanks along with automated fill and drain capabilities.
A machine mounted control panel was used to display and control process times, temperatures and fluid levels and to provide warnings to the operators should any fall outside the pre-set parameters.
Each of the systems manufactured was required to be compatible with the electricity supply for the country of installation and this was done with ease by Layton’s team of designers and specialist procurement staff.

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About the company: Staffordshire-based Layton Technologies Limited is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of precision cleaning equipment for the medical, aerospace and specialist engineering industries. The company is located in the heart of England, with easy access to main transport networks via road, rail and air.