50% Improvement in Yields using Contract Cleaning

Layton Technologies offers specialist contract cleaning - improving yields and increasing the efficiency and longevity of completed assemblies by as much as 50% within all types of industries including automotive, medical device and nuclear.


Offering a rapid turn-round, hassle free alternative for large and small quantities of high precision components, to in-house cleaning using experienced staff with expert knowledge, let Layton Technologies do the cleaning for you.  They have varied resources to accomplish this including cleaning and passivation lines, systems using alcohols, flammable solvents and the most up-to date engineered solvents, in-line aqueous washers and spray washers.  Access to independent testing and evaluation laboratories can provide complete confidence in the cleaning processes where cleanliness is a critical factor.


Layton – who also design and manufacture systems for cleaning, drying and surface treatment,  are uniquely placed in the heart of the country with easy access to main transport networks to provide expert, precise and rapid turn-round of contract cleaning of components for any company. Layton has used its expertise to work alongside manufacturers to develop suitable specialised cleaning processes and standards that meet the requirement of the most technically demanding industries and ensure the complete confidence of their customers.

50 percent Improvement in Yields using Contract Cleaning