Cleaning and Drying Room Project.

When a leading global manufacturer of large mechanical tooling components found that their parts required cleaning prior to surface coating and painting their initial specification indicated a simple bunded area complete with drainage pipe, curtains and steps in order to wash down the units would be sufficient.

Layton Technologies, with their expertise in precision cleaning applications, were not initially an obvious choice.  However Layton’s experience and flexibility in handling turnkey projects soon showed itself to be invaluable to the company as they worked to identify the specific requirements of the project.

The simple bunded area transformed itself into a much bigger proposition to include a 2 room facility consisting of a wet room incorporating state of the art pressure washing equipment and a separate drying room using the latest infra-red technology.

Once the company developed a detailed URS with input from Layton, they were then able to hand the project over in its entirety to Layton to project manage the design, manufacture, installation and implementation which included the extraction system and the pump to drain system taking the waste to the effluent treatment plant.

A spokesperson for the company stated that “the design and installation of the facility has enabled us to massively increase the work throughput and has given our operators a much more effective and user friendly working environment.”