Buy Direct From the Manufacturer – Obtain Full Value For Your Investment.

What does this actually mean when it comes to the purchase of complex cleaning equipment? What is the true value of your saving when you cut out the middle men and go direct to the manufacturer?
Well, the short answer is quite a lot. And the reason why is pretty simple. When you buy a system from anywhere other than the factory in which it is manufactured you are paying for the overheads and profit margins of one or usually more organisations that have no involvement in actually designing or manufacturing your equipment.
These organisations may be a subsidiary of a parent company which does manufacture the system (usually off shore) or could be a dealer who typically buys it in from a manufacturer – also, very often off shore. There is really no distinction when it comes to adding costs which YOU pay for including import duty, mark-up to cover the expensive cost of operation such as premises, cars, heat & light, wages, advertising costs and all the other costs involved in operating a business. Oh, and on top of this, they will obviously want to make a profit too.
And how is this different when you buy your system from Layton Technologies? Well, we make every single product right here in our very own manufacturing facility. As a result we cut everyone else out of the chain – everyone that is, except for you and us. This means at Layton you pay for YOUR system and nothing else. You can be assured; therefore, that every penny you spend goes into YOUR investment which can only result in a better quality product for the same amount of YOUR money. Oh, and yes, we also make a profit which ensures the future of our business and therefore the future of your cleaning system.
The other clear benefit of buying direct is that by dealing direct with the manufacturers, you are guaranteed delivery of the system you need and not what the third party want to sell you. Investing large capital sums for equipment is very risky and it needs to be right first time – can you really afford to do this through a third party? Why make a risky exercise even more risky and complex by introducing a possible communication risk?
Every piece of Layton equipment is designed and hand-made to order. You will not find any better value for your investment when purchasing complex cleaning equipment.
If all this sounds like we’re bashing the completion, we’re really not. Many of our competitors sell excellent, high quality systems. We just don’t think YOU should pay for all that other stuff as well.