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Frequently Asked Questions about Component Cleaning FAQ

Q?A Guide to Ultrasonic Cleaning

Http://www.laytontechnologies.com/ultrasonics starters guide.pdf

Q?Why monitor cleanliness?


Q?How clean is clean?


Q?Is it too expensive?

It is not unusual for our clients to voice their concern that the purchase of a new cleaning system is too great an expense. However, typically we find that the cost saving of using a more modern and efficient system can often be greater than the capital investment required with typical pay back periods of 12 months or so. At Layton we will work with you to create a full financial analysis and benefit model to ensure that your decision to purchase new equipment is a sound financial decision.

Q?Can I use flammable solvents for cleaning?

In short yes – in fact many manufacturers have no alternative but to use a flammable solvent such as IMS, IPA, Acetone, Cyclo-hexane and others in order to achieve their required cleaning results. Of course, there is a huge difference in using flammable solvents in a small laboratory type set up for intermittent cleaning to using them in a routine mass production environment.

Layton has a proven track record in assisting clients to develop their flammable cleaning processes from conception in the lab through to inception and to final roll out and beyond in a safe, controlled, timely manner. Layton is experienced in ensuring that all the systems meet the strict safety parameters associated with the use of such solvents.

By demonstrating that we have a complete understanding of the safety issues involved, we have been instrumental in obtaining insurers approval for clients manufacturing roll-out plans. All of our specified equipment for these types of projects include ATEX rated electrical and mechanical components, intrinsically safe systems for sensors and controls, flammable vapour detection systems and fail safe shut down modes, flame detection and suppression systems, sealed process operations, operational process without operator intervention to name but a few.

Q?What wattage Ultrastonic Generator do I need

Please find our useful website tool – Ultrasonic Wattage Calculator

Q?What service options are available for my Cleaning solution?

Layton can provide tailored service contracts to suit your specific needs. To find out more information on the options available, contact the service department on +44 (0) 1782 370400 or e-mail service@laytontechnologies.com